Friday, November 7, 2014

5 in (2)5 on 5th November

which of course means fireworks around here – the local council puts on a fabulous display on the beach. This is probably the one time that I am glad it gets dark early as if was really dark for the display at 7pm.  In New Zealand (where strangely they also have fireworks on 5th to mark an attempt to blow up the UK parliament) we had to wait until 9pm for some darkness for the display.

I love fireworks and trying to photograph them.  This year I used the high speed burst setting on my camera which meant I had 600 photos to work through but did mean that I captured some pleasing shots.

Following Sandie’s lovely 5 in 5 monthly meme I’ve whittled it down to my favourite 5 to share – in 3 collages


are you a firework lover?


Sian said...

I heard that the fireworks round your way were amazing!

For years here we could only see fireworks at a public display - buying them was illegal. And we don't do 5th Nov here either. But yes I do love them

Sandie said...

It must have felt like a long wait for the dark and fireworks in NZ. Your photos are spectacular - what's not to like about them?! Often we have our own in the garden with our grand children but we paid more attention to Halloween this year. Using a burst of shoots is a great idea... have fun whittling! And thank you for joining in Helena.

Prairie Jill said...

Wonderful shots! I hadn't thought to try burst mode for photos - what a great idea. Well, except for the 600 photos to wade through, maybe!

Anonymous said...

Super shots Helena. Neither one of us has mastered fireworks shots yet.