Friday, April 4, 2014

March Marshalled

The start of a new month means its time to look back on last month with my count hat (I imagine it to be rather glorious and exact) thanks to Julie’s Month in Numbers meme.

In March I read a stack of books -


9 to be precise but all very short.  I tend to go for sagas and trilogies (or longer) so sticking to short books this month was a departure.  I alternated the George Gently police novels – well written and clear why they have been used for a TV series.  The Shockwave Rider is an interesting futuristic book, written in 1970s with 2010 as the ‘future’ – digital surveillance is a big issue.

In March I engaged with a triathlon of sporting events: I attended orientation for volunteers at the Commonwealth Games; watched some of the winter Paralympics on TV, and cheered on Ireland in its victorious Six Nations Rugby campaign (Scotland does so badly I have to have a second team to realistically support in hope of victory).

In March I crocheted a small menagerie as well as finishing the 24 nurses and a pink scarf for charity I made


1 crochet hook character !!! 1 hat, 2 owls and 1 small dragon.


In March I learnt a handful of sign language words (get it – handful – hand signs!).  I haven’t counted all the words but  we have learnt  12 categories: ‘hello how are you’, names, family, numbers, ages, time, work, activities, food and drink, pets, weather, travel. And we can fingerspell (slowly).

In March I took a gallery of photos, 407 to be precise, of which 10% were of flowers and 18 were of other people’s dogs


I employed a thesaurus of descriptive nouns in my month in numbers (6 stack, triathlon, menagerie, handful, gallery, thesaurus)– is there a collective noun for a group of collective nouns?


Miriam said...

What a lovely creative month Helena. Love the hat!
A handful, No, too slow, you had to it.
I like that you looked at your photos in a more detailed way, and that you used the descriptive nouns in your numbers...I did the same (isn)!

Anonymous said...

You had a very busy month. I can't get over 9 books in one month - short or otherwise.

Sian said...

oh, oh, I think there is a word because I can remember our two talking about it when they had to learn collective nouns for the 11plus. Um, can't remember it though.

Love all that crochet..and of course your Rugby team of (second) choice

Alison said...

Lovely round up of your month..those owls are fab!
Alison xx

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Great month - you've been busy. I love the cute crocheted things.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

A productive month for you, Helena. Oh my gosh, I LOVE those adorable little owls. Just so cute!!!

Prairie Jill said...

What a wonderful month! I love your hat and owls. Will have to look into the George Gently novels. (I'm reading Louise Penney's Inspector Gamache mysteries, set in Quebec, Canada, and really enjoying them.

Linda said...

I might try reading a Gently novel now! I haven't watched the tv eries much but always enjoy it when I do. Love your crotchet items, especially the owls. A great month for you!

Julie Kirk said...

Hi Helena. March was an appalling month - book wise - for me [just one read ... and that one I'd even started before the month began!] ... so I can feel your 9 looking out at me with disgust! ;-)
I love the thesaurus bothering you did *and* how the sign-language course sounds like it's progressing. What with that and all the crochet your hands + fingers must be the fittest in town!

Thanks for sharing your March stats - I've popped them on the board now:

Happy April to you Helena!

Julie :-)

HannahBanana said...

I love the crocheted crochet hook - it's brilliant! What a busy month you've had, I enjoyed reading about it. x

alexa said...

I admire your ability to read so much! I seem to read the same page over and over some weeks :). Your sign language course sounds very satisfying - you have had a busy month!