Friday, April 11, 2014

5 go to the market

The first Saturday of the month means the organic market in a local park and this felt like a perfect place for my 5 in 5 joining Sandie in her suggestion to spend 5 minutes taking photos and them to choose 5 to share.

Turning in through the gate we can see that there are a good number of stalls set up


the lovely anticipation of seeing familiar regulars and the hope of something new and exciting too


I always buy cake form the lovely German ladies – often ‘beesting’ or pear Danish pastries but this month I went for a marzipan cake ( at the back with raspberries on top)  and a raspberry torte.  I always take along a plastic box to protect the goodies in my bag


Next door to them is the organic vegetable man – I visited his massive walled garden with my Dad’s gardening group last year so always have a chat as well as buying some produce – kale and fennel this time.  I’m not sure if he thinks it is an advantage having the stall next to the music group – sometimes they are very loud


Another new regular stop for me is a stall selling African and Carribean food – this month her husband and son were doign teh selling – not as chatty as the lady who makes the food and is often there.  I got a pork gumbo patty a piece of cornbread and some ‘kenyan doughnuts flavoured with cardamom.


Nothing new and enticing this month but pleased to see these 3 regulars were there.


Sian said...

It's always a treat to go to the market on a Saturday and find something special to keep you going over the weekend. I like the idea of bringing a plastic box with me!

alexa said...

I envy you the range of foodstuffs available to you - what a visual and taste-bud treat you have taken us along to! I might be put off by the loud music too :).

Anonymous said...

I would love to have market like this that I could shop at. I can't get over how GREEN everything is there...the grass looks so lush.

Alison said...

How clever to take a plastic box with you!
Alison xx

Anonymous said...

The market here is still a few weeks away here. This one looks great.

Miriam said...

Oh! I love going to the Organic Market when it comes to town. Great idea to take a box!

Karen said...

Our market (all organic) runs from late May to October. I can't wait for it to get underway. The stalls in yours are so colorful!

Sandie said...

What a lovely focus for 5 in 5, Helena, it is very multicultural and a wonderful opportunity to try new things. Taking a box is a great idea to protect your bakes.
The market looks so interesting thank you for this visit and introduction to the people you meet there.

Jimjams said...

What an inspiring little market - the plastic box is a good tip.

Prairie Jill said...

What a lovely market! And, oh, the marzipan cake .... yum!