Monday, December 17, 2012

Fabulous door decoration

Many of the doors in my neighbourhood are sporting colourful festive wreaths. The local greengrocer has a big pile of holly wreaths outside his shop and there were big piles of pine ones at the garden centre last week too so they are obviously widely popular.

On my Saturday walk I was impressed by the variety on show so I snapped some to create a collage.


These are not part of the festive tradition in New Zealand – I guess because it is summer in December and wreaths originate in mid winter celebrations.

Are door wreaths part of the festive decor in your neighbourhood?


alexa said...

These are indeed lovely (and I have a base exactly like the one top left which I am, hoping to decorate today and tomorrow!) and you've caught them all so clearly. Yes, door wreaths are very much a tradition here but I'd not thought of snapping them - lovely!

Sian said...

What a brilliant idea for a set of festive pictures. Yes, there are lots of wreaths round here - I'm feeling a bit parsimonious this year and haven't bought a fresh one, but I remember the first year I did and how grown up it made me feel for some reason!

Elizabeth said...

Love the third door So non-traditional.

Miriam said...

Yes, there are ever so many of them around here. I notice my neighbour has lights on hers this year! Since my other neighbour had hers stolen one year I don't hang one on my front door now, I have two in the house though and some others not hanging anywhere at the moment...another tradition maybe? storing wreaths!

Alison said...

They are something we don't see much of here.....I love your selection!
Alison xx

humel said...

What a lovely collection! I've seen one or two near us but not many (or perhaps I've just not noticed them?!) We've never had a wreath of our own though :)

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

What a great collection of photos, Helena. We have a wreath on our door this year, but I think we are the only ones in our neighborhood with one. In fact, we are the only ones with outside lights on our house in our neighborhood this year. I thought for sure that others would join in once Doug had ours up, but no.