Thursday, December 13, 2012

a tradition?

Is intention and one repetition enough to create a tradition?  As someone who has been accused of counting ‘1,2, lots’ and ‘once, twice, always’ I tend to think that it is – so here is my new Santa tradition.

Last year when I was unpacking my decorations for the first time since moving back from New Zealand in 2009, I decided that I’d like a small tradition relating to ornaments.  With all of my decorations out on display I noticed that Santas dominated


so I decided to add to them each year.  Last year I bought the fellow on the top row, second from the right.

This year I bought another cheery Santa ornament with a Scandinavian feel

so is intention and one repeat enough to be called a ‘tradition’?  Do you have a festive ornament tradition?


Sian said...

We try to buy an ornament from everywhere we go on holidays. We have an archbishop of Canterbury from a trip there for example.

I'm having major browser issues at the moment - nothing is displaying right but I'm smiling because blogger is telling me that your post is in Dutch and asking if I want it translated today!!

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

You're so cute, Helena. I love your once, twice, always reference. :) I was just thinking the other day as I made a particular cookie recipe for the fourth year in a row that it was officially a "tradition" for me to make that cookie - and I wondered at what point did something become a tradition. Great minds think alike! ;)

I love your Santa collection, and especially the way you have it displayed in those cute shelves. Lovely tradition, I'd say!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I like your Santas! I might have to find some display boxes for my ornaments since the tree is getting so crowded. We each get a new Hallmark ornament every year, which is 32 ornaments in the last 8 years alone!

alexa said...

That's a nice collection - especially admiring your little display cubbu-holes :). I really like your idea of building something little by little. If we did something once that my daughter really enjoyed, it was a tradition!

Elizabeth said...

Love the way you display your collection. Ours is displayed on the tree.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I started collecting nativity sets a few years ago - I try to add one each year. Before I know it, I'm sure I'll have a huge collection! So, yes, I wouold say you've definintely started a tradition.

Miriam said...

Oh most definitely a tradition! and a lovely one too. I buy something new every year, that's my tradition oh and a small (ish) glass of Disaronno on Christmas morning, that's another very long standing tradition ;)