Monday, May 14, 2012

Imperial Splendour

Now for my second set of photos from Vienna – the grand, historic, imperial architecture, or more specifically the many sculptures that adorn it.  It really is imposing and made me think of a people who are sure of their place in the world, of their strength and reach.  I feel I should be cueing the Darth Vadar march music from The Empire Strikes Back


These are in the gardens between the buildings.  But the majority of the sculpture are on every corner and crevice of the buildings, between the columns and arches.  Incredible skill to produce all those details by chipping away at a block of marble.


Walking around this part of Vienna was one of those times when I felt very aware of the history of the place and of different times portrayed in the architecture.  I feel the same walking the old parts of Edinburgh and Dublin – are there cities where you get that same feeling of history and a former grand past?


Maria Ontiveros said...

Prague definitely has a similar feel.

Sian said...

Yes, both Edinburgh and Dublin are great examples. York, too I think

alexa said...

Oh my, that second montage is just superb ... Such grace and skill! Theirs AND yours. :)