Saturday, May 19, 2012

angular art


Bonnie’s suggestion for our photoart this week was to include lines and angles. 


I was also inspired by an exhibition of Impressionist works that I saw earlier this month, in particular the emphasis on light.


And I ended up with 4 pieces that I’m really pleased with


I started by looking through my folders for images where the angles and lines stood out, even in the small size of the thumbnails.  These are my 4 starting photos


for each one I followed the same process:

1. duplicate the photo and try the different blending modes to find one that emphasised the lines and angles

2. Add Bonnie’s Fabrique texture and find a blending mode that I liked

3. Flatten layers and apply the artistic filter ‘paint daubs’

And that was it.

Check out how others have created with lines and angles here.


Alison said...

Wow! these turned out really well Helena!
Alison xx

Pat said...

I like these a lot!

Miriam said...

Hi Helena, I love these, particularly the 3rd one of the reflections.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Very nice! The first and third are my favorites. The third really does look like an impressionist painting.

Abi said...

These are so beautiful. Such strong colours. I too like the reflections. Initially I thought the first one was a painting!

Ida said...

Catching up on late entries from last week.
Yours are wonderful. You did a fabulous job with the theme. My favorite is the first one.