Sunday, January 8, 2012

a day at the races


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When asked if I want to go to a spectator event, my default response is ‘yes’. So on Sunday I watched harness races – when the jockey is in a little two wheel cart behind the horse and the horses trot.

Each race lasts 2-3 minutes and there is one every half an hour. The time in between is for the all important assessment of the horses in the next race and the placing of the bet.

First we looked at how well the horses had done in previous races – with no success. Then I took to waiting until the horses paraded and trying to assess which looked focused and lively. I won $26 on one race when I picked a horse who looked interested and energetic. Overall my winnings covered my costs.

The rest of the time we people watched. Kids running around and waiting for the girl with the baskets of free gifts (juice, jelly beans, nachos). Committed betters who recorded the results on each race and had the book with lots of detail on the horses. The locals who were clearly there to catch up with people and share a good gossip. I also loved the bright colours and geometric designs on the jockeys’ jackets.

All together a pleasant way to spend an afternoon and another spectator event ticked.

The bright patterns worn by the jockeys inspired me to add some pattern paper to the layout!

Have you been to a harness race?


Sian said...

Never! I do love how you added "jockey" patterns to this page - the perfect way to reinforce your subject

Alison said...

Love the patterns you've chosen helena...and I have never been to a 'harness race' either!
Alison xx

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the blue & yellow patterns - perfect for the page!

Miriam said...

No Iv'e not been to a harness race either. The jockey patterns and your layout are just lovely. Well done with the winnings!