Wednesday, December 7, 2011

‘tis the season for mincepies and the German Market

About 10 years ago, while I was still living in New Zealand I read somewhere that each different mincepie eaten brought a month of good luck the following year.  Since I love mincepies I adopted this habit for December and make sure that I have mincepies from 12 different sources to ensure a good year ahead.


I’ve eaten 2 types so far – the easy ones from highstreet bakers and both were very tasty with a good balance of pastry and filling.

I’m recording my seasonal journey with a button and journaling on photos – as the events happen.  As with last year, my first sign of the season was a visit to the German Market in the middle of Edinburgh – yum hot chocolate and big pretzels as well as lots of pretty gift ideas



Jimjams said...

I LOVE the idea of 12 different mince pies for good luck! I've had three types from two sources so far ... shop-bought-dry-powdery-rubbish from Macro ... and 2 yummy-home-baked varieties last night: star pastry-topped and frangipani-topped.

Your Edinburgh German Market looks fab!

Sian said...

From different sources? You mean pigging out on a batch just out of the oven doesn't count? Shame..But I love this idea. It's a challenge I could happily take on :)

Alison said...

WE are very limited in our choice of mince pies over here! I don't think I could find twelve different sources if I tried
Alison xx

Lizzie said...

Mince pies - yum! I have only had one sort this year - fab home-made (completely home-made, incl the mincemeat!), which K. brought to the Bloggers' Weekend. They were gorgeous! I swiped another one to eat on my way home on the Sunday!
I might make some myself this year.. though the DH and DS don't like them. All the more for Lizzie!

The German Market looks wonderful. Would like to go to one of those. They have something along those lines in Milton Keynes, but it wasn't very good last time I went... Maybe I can find a better one. Still, we have a great Victorian Christmas Fayre in town this weekend. They have a real Carousel, a Helter-Skelter and often stalls like a coconut shy etc. There's always an old traction engine too. Then the stalls, which are a mix of modern and old-fashioned, but the stall-holders dress up in Victorian costumes (I think they are probably warmer than most of the shoppers!). We're going along this year - should be good.

Off to investigate Mince Pies now...

Miriam said...

Oh I thought it was one in a different place each day!!! Yikes.
Oh well better re-plan for next week. Love your seasonal journey. We have a German Market is in Bath but last year you couldn't get within a hundred yards of it for the crowds! I think I'll enjoy your picture instead this year.