Monday, December 12, 2011

First snow

Our first snow of this winter inspired me to create a layout – while making it I realised I haven’t created one for several months and can’t think why.


The template is one of this weeks free items from Kate Pertiet, including the winter clusters behind the photos, making it an easy creation.

Journaling: What a surprise when I opened the blinds on Saturday morning – it was white.

I put on my red wellies and headed out with my camera before it all melted.  Walking by the river I liked the contrast of the dark trees.

It was all gone by the evening – this kind of snow I can deal with – seasonal photos and no disruption.

I know grabbing the camera hasn’t always been my first reaction to snow – making a snowman and staying inside have been my normal reaction over the years. Have those of you in areas that get snow in December had any yet?


Sian said...

No snow in the city here yet, just on the hills, That's a beautiful blue background you have used to enhance your snowy pictures

Alison said...

The last time there was snow here was in Dec 2009..and that was only on the mountains-it didn't land in the Valley at all. Love yoyr page
Alison xx

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Lovely layout, Helena, and I had to laugh at your journaling - that's about the kind of snow I could deal with too - the kind that melts by the end of the day. ;o) No snow here in the desert, but it's forcasted for this weekend at lower elevations in Arizona. We still won't see it where we are...maybe we'll take a drive...

humel said...

We had some today - I think it's mostly gone now though :)

Miriam said...

No snow here, just rain rain rain! The Lo is beautiful, love those 'winter clusters' I love Katies LO's