Tuesday, October 18, 2011



Kathmandu is a spectacular city, ringed by hills and then the mountains behind.  The buildings are tightly packed, tall and often look either rundown or unfinished. Cables and wires are strung all over the place, including big bundles of cable.  In many buildings there are shops on street level with 2 or 3 levels of housing above that. There are small Hindu and Buddhist temples scattered around everywhere (which I didn’t photograph).

I love the vibrant colours with all of the brick and the painted walls and plenty of trees as well.  Many buildings have plants on the roof and a relaxation place.

I also like how these photos seems to have captured the strong light and also the distant haze.

I used a template from Biograffitti (who has a retirement sale over at Oscraps). I’m going to use the set of templates to create a photobook of my trips.  Photos of what the women wear tomorrow.


Miriam said...

This is gorgeous Helena and I love the template. Thanks for the steer over to Biograffitti. the colours of the city are lovely, kind of muted and hazy.

humel said...

Love how you've put this together - and love how you give us a flavour of your travels :)

alexa said...

These photos really capture the flavour your words convey .. a very special and interesting place. Looking forward to more!

Ginger said...

beautiful photos Helena!! I have been holding off on the biograffitti, but might have to give my head a shake!