Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In a New York state of mind


My next trip is to New York City so I’m looking for suggestions from my lovely blogland friends who have experience of the great city on things to see and do and eat.

I’m there for work so only have free time in the evening and, I hope one afternoon and a Saturday morning.  My hotel and the workshop venue are in the financial district.   I’m interested in any suggestions of places to visit in Manhattan that I wont have read about in the ‘top 10 things you must do’ guides – shops, photo-ops, walks etc.

In particular I’d welcome suggestions on things to eat.  I’m going to buy some candy corn and other Halloween related treats – what else?

And for my non-American friends – I’m open to some photo scavenger hunt challenges to hunt down on my trip – yellow taxi cab; statue of liberty; Halloween decorations – what else??


Lizzie said...

How about the bridges in Central Park? See how many bridges you can photograph - I think there must be several, as you always see people standing/meeting/walking on them in films!
And a couple of pictures of famous buildings, seen from Central Park?
That gives you the incentive to enjoy a lovely Fall day walking around the Park.
Have a great trip!

humel said...

Wow, Helena - how much time do you actually spend at home?! I hope you get enough free time to properly soak up being in NYC :) I can't think of any photos to suggest, but I know you'll capture a flavour of the city because you always do! I look forward to seeing your photos very much :)

Alison said...

I'm very jealous Helena...NYC is my favourite city ever! Central Park is lovely at any time of year and the view of it from 'Top of the Rock'is amazing! There are also some wonderful statues in and around Battery Park, which are worth photographing
Alison xx

alexa said...

Never having been, I'm looking forward to seeing what you bring back in the way of photos (and edibles!).

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

You should definitely visit Central Park. This is a really pretty time of year