Sunday, January 2, 2011

welcome 2011


I love fireworks in big public displays, which Edinburgh does very well.  The torchlight parade on the 30th ended with fireworks on the top of Carlton Hill after over 20,000 people had walked from the Royal Mile with blazing torches (fire not lightbulb).  There were lots of tourists and locals, lots of families – biological and created - and lots of happy people. Fire seems so appropriate in the dark nights of winter, especially when everyone is contemplating intentions and dreams for the new year.

I took lots of photos (flash off, use tripod or wall etc to minimise blur) and was prompted to put six of them together in response to the Sunday Creative word for this week – flourish. 


Kristy said...

Very cool shot! Happy New Year!

Margaret Bednar said...

Quite festive! I need to learn how to play with my photos. Very nice.

Anonymous said...


lisa geiger said...

you seem to have truly captured the sparkle of the event. nice photo work!

humel said...

Oh, clever! (I'm sure I say 'clever' to every one of your amazing collage works - it's true though!)