Tuesday, January 25, 2011

hanging in the kitchen

I’ve been working on some of the storage/organisation in my kitchen.  Both are things that I have had in mind since I started on the work in July last year.  Two walls are dedicated to being able to hang things




Above the sink and worktop I have two copper pipes attached to the wall with brass plumbing fixtures.  I wanted the copper and bronze because I love the colours and they fit with my orange walls.  I have hanging from the pipes lots of S hooks as well as some shelves and pots (IKEA).  Still working out which things I will keep where.






On the wall to the left of the door I have a whole row of cup hooks as my ‘command centre’ for calendar, pens, shopping lists, take-away menus etc.  I also have a photo magnet rope and some decorative bits in the mix.  Again I’m still working out what works where and which things to hand up.  Lots of things are hung from bulldog clips and some from jumprings (seeing as I have lots in my stash). 




I like to have things ‘stored’ visibly

I like that I am using copper and bronze fixtures

I like the abundance, the sheer number of hooks to be used.  There are 51 cup hooks!


do you prefer storage to be hidden or visible? 


Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Don't you love it when a plan finally takes shape? Your storage ideas are great, Helena. I like to have visible storage IF it's stuff that looks good. I'll admit to having lots of stuff hidden away too. :o)

Elizabeth said...

I am a lover of hooks. Greatest invention ever!

Lizzie said...

I'm no good at visible storage - I'm too messy. It's all better put away in the cupboards.
But I love your photos (52 cup hooks, eh... don't think I saw that many before, even in the DIY shop!)

humel said...

Love it :-) We have a mixture of hidden away and on display, but I love our chrome pipe with lots of metal implements hanging from little hooks!