Sunday, November 7, 2010

photo a day week 44

Still in Bangladesh – including three days of running workshops


1. Friday is the start of the weekend, so had a nice walk by the lake

2. the hotel dining room

3. good participant activity at the first workshop

4. on the other end of cameras – at a public workshop there was great interest in the presence of a westerner

5. more good participation at the third workshop

6. the ubiquitous cup of tea – provided at every meeting and at regulat intervals throughout the day

7. plenty of Western reality shows on the TV – this Australian one had English subtitles!


humel said...

I'm running behind again!! Lovely set of photos once again - I love the variety you've captured over the year, I can just imagine how the memories will come flooding back as you flip through the pages! :-)

Amy said...

How hilarious to imagine Masterchef with subtitles! I'm so with you on the ironing issue from the last post ;-)