Tuesday, September 14, 2010

is it really comfortable?

Had fun this evening playing on Photoshop Elements responding to some prompts.  I really do see this as distinct from the ‘memory keeping’ things, even though I also do them on the computer at the moment.

The one word prompt from Creative Sunday was ‘comfort’ and here is what I did.


I took the photo last year on a small island off the main island in Vanuatu (in the Pacific Ocean).  It looked idyllic but wooden logs are not that comfortable to sit on.

The main reason we visited the island was to see a turtle nursery – so especially for Deb, here are 2 photos of the babies.




humel said...

Oh, what cute baby turtles!! But yes, I think a comfortable cushion would improve those logs no end... xx

Deb said...

I was busy smiling at your thought bubble for the first photo and then I scrolled down to these cute turtles!!! :o)!!! Love them...and thanks for thinking of me. xo

gibknitty said...

those little turtles are so cute.

Monybean said...

Love your shot, and the turtles are oh so precious.