Monday, September 13, 2010

12 on 12th closeup

I haven’t done 12 on the 12th for over six months, but yesterday I remembered early in the day.  I decided to take close-ups of details.


As the photos show it was a normal Sunday – read my novel,did some washing up,had a walk, did some photoshop elements, put away some summer clothes, went to the supermarket.  A nice snapshot of the everyday.

On the mosaic the font is geomancy and the stitches are from scruffy stitches set by Amy Hutchison at After Five Designs.


Deb said...

I just love your collages, Helena - the "stitching" is a nice touch on this one! :o)

humel said...

Helena, many many apologies - my blogroll ate your blog and I've only just realised :-( (It keeps doing this to me!! And then I think 'I wonder how such-and-such is, she hasn't blogged in ages...', and when I check I discover that she's been blogging all along!)

I haven't been ignoring you, and I'm truly sorry I didn't realise sooner. I've just had a lovely catch up here - loving your experiments with Photoshop in particular (the cat is fab!) - and enjoying your photo collages; I also really like all your close-ups here. It's good to be back! xx