Monday, September 12, 2016

Memorandum Monday - application of physics

Big wave to you all on a cool Monday morning (with the promise of sun tomorrow). 

I've been 'busy' this weekend becoming an armchair expert on all things Paralympics.  You know how it is when watching new sports and listening to commentary and discussion - its easy to suddenly have an opinion on
if the guide is 'pulling' their visually impaired athlete along
or on the problems on navigating a corner when running on two blades and therefore don't have knees or feet
or why running blades are longer than everyday prosthetics and why they have to change legs between the race and the medal podium
or what is meant by 'equivalent to an above the knee amputation' in the context of high jump - and even how it is possible to jump on one leg
or why the swimmers wear massive jackets to walk to the side of the pool
or how can you swim in a straight line with only one arm

if only they had used such examples when teaching physics I might have been more interested!  

I did take a break from viewing to go wild bramble (blackberry) picking - an excellent crop this year with plenty of big juicy berries.

and I realised another physics related truth - when you have to stretch to pick from a cluster of berries - best to pick the highest ones first because as you pick, the branch becomes lighter and therefore rises - just out of reach unless you move closer into the prickles!

Wishing you all a good week - I'm looking forward to plenty of wheelchair racing, the road cycling and the madness that is wheelchair rugby


Maggie said...

And why do nettles always grow in front of brambles?

alexandra s.m. said...

YUM! What will you do with all of these marvelous berries?

Sian said...

I think I know why nettles grow in front of Mum always said it was to deter humans from the lowdown berries which could easily be reached by passing wildlife unbothered by stinging plants.

I didn't have time to go berry picking this weekend and it's pouring now..hope they won't all be ruined by the time I get there.

Wishing you a good week!

Barbara said...

I've been watching the paralympics, it has been fascinating hearing all the details. Enjoy your blackberries.

debs14 said...

I try never to pick the low down berries, or anything that may in line of any passing dogs! It's getting close to sloe picking time which means it's time to get a bottle of gin ready to start off my sloe gin, which means it must be nearly Christmas - Nooooo!!!!

Eileen T said...

Unfortunately, I've missed most of the Paralympics this time.
Those blackberries look rather yummy, much better than the poor specimens I found and which I didn't even bother to pick. I may have to go without fresh blackberries this year.