Monday, June 6, 2016

Memorandum Monday with decision overload

Popped in from enjoying the sun and doing some weeding to wave to you all.

A lovely sunny weekend, especially when I could find somewhere out of the breeze.  Even warm enough for a chair in the garden for lunch today.

In between soaking up my vitamin D this weekend  I've been researching phones.  My current contract is nearly up so time for an upgrade but so many choices to make.  I decided at the start to stay with the same network provider and make of phone but there were still lots of options. 

Looking online there seemed way too many options for the phone so I went into the shop to ask them to explain the differences and after discussing what I used my phone for (rarely as an actual phone) I decided to go for the very newest version of the top of the mid-range - Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 (feels like I've learnt a new language!).  I've been promised a fingerprint login and a good camera, amongst other things.

But more decisions remained - which package - and that brought back memories of sitting in maths class - which is better £23.99 a month plus £60 upfront or £20.99 a month with £119.99 upfront or buy the hardware outright and pay a sim only rate? 

After lots of calculations and a spreadsheet I'd made my choice and headed out to the shop.

Only to discover they had technical problems and could not use their normal system for the whole process.  I ended up having to go round the corner to the bank to withdraw money as they could not process a card payment! 

Finally it was all done and I came home with

no I don't have a new invisible phone!  The nice man in the shop explained that the model I wanted is so new and popular that they don't have any stock in the shops !!!!  I hope that does not mean their stock cupboard is full of the unpopular models.  I just have the new sim card and protective cover.

According to the package tracking app my phone has now left the Edinburgh depot and it enjoying a scenic trip around town before coming to me early evening.  Then I have to make more decisions - like which 5 digits to set up for fingerprint recognition and how to arrange my home page.

Wishing you all a good week with not too many decisions


Maggie said...

Very tricky decisions! I am thinking today that I may have to a change my two year old IPhone as suddenly the audio sound has stopped working and I use it a lot for audible downloads. Sounds a good excuse to me!

Sian said...

Ooh, enjoy! I have to admit I'm a complete chicken when it comes to anything technical enough to need a spreadsheet..and I hand it over to the spreadsheet master. So..respect!

Patio Postcards said...

Oh the decisions of getting a new phone - we heard about a new super iphone that costs over $16,000 (USD) - now that is some phone. I am not a fan of cell phones, we will leave it at that as I could ramble on for several moments & I really dislike that I have to carry one for work.

Karen said...

I love my iPhone, but have no desire to upgrade it for some time! You're right, way too many decisions every time you make a change.

debs14 said...

I'm always a bit dubious when it comes time to upgrade - all those new features to learn! I've had iphones for my last three phones and really like them but I think that may be a bit due to the fact that I know how they work and there's mot much new I need to learn! I've heard that the camera on the phone you've chosen is really good, looking forward to seeing the proof of that when you start posting photos.

Miriam said...

Well done you for sorting it out and your post doesn't sound a bit cross that it was out of stock. I would have been furious! Interesting weather differences. On Sunday we bbq'd and had to eat in because it was just too hot! I promise we didn't complain, we just breathed a cool sigh as we sat in front of our fan