Friday, September 4, 2015

August was


August was full of festival buzz.  I went to 23 shows – mostly theatre but also talks, drumming, acrobats, comedians, illusionist and singing.  My top three were Adam Hills the comedian; Japanese drummers; and a play about women prisoners on a boat bound for Australia.  I saw some fabulous acting and some plays that made me want to get out a red pen to send notes to the director.  I was in audiences of less than 10 and some of several hundred.  I saw plays with a message and plays about family and plays based on a book and plays that made no sense to me. Altogether another good fringe.

Weather wise the rainbow above says it all really – never sure when leaving the house if I would need my sunglasses or raincoat or both.  But only a few days which felt as summery as this photo looks


Even with all those shows I still read 5 books – all those bus journeys into town help.


4 are by authors I’ve read and enjoyed before:

-  I love Andrea levy’s descriptions of life in Jamaica and for Jamaicans living in London

- Christopher Brookmyre and Ken Macleod create thriller / crime stories that keep me guessing to the end and entertain with excellent characters and funny reflections on life – both are based in Edinburgh so tend to have lots of nice local references

- Home features on several ‘must read’ lists I’ve seen but I found it a bit slow

I was also busy with my crochet hook – having seen some patterns for making espadrilles I searched online for soles and found a shop selling felted soles for slippers so ordered some of them – lets be realistic, given our weather I’ll use them more that espadrilles.  The soles have holes for sewing

already punched which makes them very easy to use – I’d recommend Joes Toes if you fancy making some.


I also made some more baby guinea pigs to sell for my crafting for charity group


and I still managed some walks by the river – some fabulous light of water and reflections with the sun getting lower in the sky – my favourite photo of the month that I haven’t already shared



Sian said...

What a lovely picture. You clocked up a fair old number of Festival Miles there! I love your espadrilles..I daren't go and investigate or I'm sure I'd buy. You know I'll look anyway though..

Hope September is a good one!

Patio Postcards said...

Your August sounded so full of fun and adventures, glad you shared them on your blog. WOW to 23 shows!. Those are very interesting shoes, nice colours.

alexa said...

Such lovely photos with a great quality of light in them. I do miss that lovely honey-coloured light and stone ... And my, you have been wonderfully busy! I smiled in sympathy at your red pen remark :).

Gail said...

Sounds like it was a very busy August! I'm always amazed at what all you get done.