Monday, October 20, 2014

me on Monday

hello Monday, hoping it is a good one where you are


It was a blustery, reading, reflection, family featuring weekend.

Very blustery weather with some bouts of rain that were heavy enough to capture on film – I’m fascinated by trying to capture photos of rain. When it wasn’t raining it was very windy which meant plenty of time with my book (Tanya French), a coffee, crochet and the TV. 

When I did venture out to the river I was rewarded with some lovely light on the water and great reflections. I also ventured for family dinner and laughter and circulating books.

Thanks to Sian for this lovely meme to get the week off to a good start.


Sian said...

Blimey! That rain is really something. Perfect weather for staying in and working the crochet hook I think.

Hope you have a great week

Prairie Jill said...

Wow, that really is heavy rain! Great photo opportunity, though, and a perfect opportunity for a nice, quiet weekend.

Melissa said...

Wow, that is quite a bit of rain. I tried to capture some rain when we had a storm blow through a few weeks ago - the rain was blowing sideways.

Anonymous said...

wow- that is heavy rain.
How is the book?? I am always looking for good books!!

debs14 said...

That is definitely the kind of weather that makes you just want to stay in with a good book, a warm drink and a creative project!

Anonymous said...

Definitely staying in weather. You definitely did a good job of capturing the rain!