Friday, September 12, 2014

a graduation album

my nephew graduated this summer so, being the memory keeping / PSE savvy aunty, I collected together the photos everyone had taken of the day to make a photo album.


we decided from the start to combine graduation photos with photos of him growing up so the book became a celebration of his path to graduation. 


We already had a lot of old photos scanned from a photo book I made for my sister several years ago and were able to access photos from his student days thanks to social media (the social side of his student days).


Dylan is really pleased with his book.

I created all pages in PSE using variations on a simple design that left a good size white margin all around – as well as being a pleasing design it removes the problem of where the cut will come if photos go to the edge.  For photobooks I always create the whole page in PSE, save as a jpeg and then import and use the ‘one image to cover the page’ layout. 

[I use photobox for all my photobooks and have always been pleased with the results}


Sian said...

It's a brilliant present

Melissa said...

What a fantastic gift!

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Miriam said...

Congratulations to Dylan, no wonder he like stye book, it is fabulous Helena.