Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Look Up Look Down at the firestation

It was Doors Open Day at the weekend and another invitation to nosey around buildings we don’t usually visit.

We chose

* the food depot of a charity which collects food from supermarkets that would other wise go to landfill and then distribute them to soup kitchens and hostels – very interesting to see what they do, what they are given and how efficiently they are organised

* a printmaking workshop where locals can print lithographs and screen prints – lots of creative energy

* neighbouring flats with different attic conversions – always interested in how people remodel their living space

* newly opened centre for carbon innovation – mostly they were describing the building remodelling rather than their eco work

and the firefighter museum with fire engines from the 1840s through to 1980s – lots of gleaming brass, shiny red, ladders and noisy bells being rung.  And some hats to try – I, of course, was drawn to the firechief hat


and had plenty of choice for up and down photos



Maria Ontiveros said...

What fun, innovative photos!

Sian said...

Great pictures! I would have been very interested in the food bank visit: that's the kind of clever scheme that really appeals to my common sense side

Sandie said...

Open doors sounds a great idea - how lovely to get a glimpse inside. Love the fire brigade photos and you wearing the helmet.

alexa said...

What a cool idea! I think they have one in London too? I like your choices very much - I would have really enjoyed seeing what people had done with their houses and learning about the food bank ...

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Such a great idea to open buildings like this so locals can have a look. I love your photos - the one of you in the hat is just too cute! :o)

Miriam said...

What a great idea 'Open Doors' would be just up my street! your pictures are fabulous...Boots and ladders, brilliant.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea and such neat looking pictures - love the one of you in the hat. :)