Thursday, March 29, 2012

Getting out in the sunshine

We’ve been enjoying unseasonably good weather this week – temperatures in the 20s (centigrade) when they are normally in the low teens. In normal Scottish pessimistic humour my neighbour says ‘we’d better enjoy it because this might be the only summer we get this year’.

And I have been out with a picnic and my kindle – reading the Hunger Games trilogy and loving it.  My automatic picks for somewhere to walk and sit in the sun are all by water.


Walking along the prom at my local beach (I used the timer and sat my camera on a wall and walked away from it – one of my favourite selfie methods)


Beside one of the lakes on the inner-city hill


and by the local recreation lagoon.

[Both collage frame templates are from the Coffee Shop blog].

Do you head for water? or trees?  or ?


Sian said...

Great question! Trees. I think.

Alison said...

Lovely pics Helena...I tend to head for water too xx
Alison xx

shirley said...

Lovely photos - it looks so nice there!
If water is around, I gravitate towards it....