Friday, June 25, 2010

colour in my new bedroom

I have to decorate in every room of my new flat so I’ve been thinking about colour schemes a lot.  Purple is my favourite, probably signature, colour so that is what I’ve decided to use.  I found  a nice striped fabric in John Lewis which I will use to cover the bedhead and as the basis of the colour scheme.

The stripes are actually straight – the fabric is draped in the photo.  The ceiling will be in the cream, the floor and furniture will be in the 2nd down (birch veneer).  One wall will be in the deep purple and the other 3 walls in one of the other 2 purples.

I think the creams balance the purples well and I love the deep colour for the feature wall.

Using cream and fawn makes this a classic contrast colour scheme as yellow is opposite purple on the colour wheel – fun to be using all my colour knowledge on such a big scale.

Trying to photograph fabrics in the shop made me realise how much the camera can change the colours I see with me eyes.


Sian said...

I think I commented before about how much I liked the colours you were choosing..perfect for that Scottish sky.

G.~ said...

I love color. It's so much fun and can really change the energy in a space. Have fun!

humel said...

I love colour schemes! This looks like a great combination :-) Are you having fun looking at interior design magazines or websites, too?

Amy said...

Such a great idea Helena - I will have to do something like this for the huge expanse of walls that will need painting soon!

Elizabeth said...

I really like the gray with the lavender color. Should look great!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Oh I love the colors!